Oil separator and oil cleaning filters

Oil separators and filters for refrigeration screw compressors.

The multistage filter cartridge designs for screw compressors are suitable to remove the oil from the compressed gas while oil filters clean the lubricating oil.

Coalescer elements remove the oil as a mist that remains in the gas flow. This is accomplished by using one or more coalescing filter elements. The element coalesces the oil mist into drops that fall to the bottom of the coalescer section of the oil separator so that they can be returned to the suction side of the compressor.

Coalescer elements have multistage construction made of several fineness glass fibres and several supporting tubes.

Oil filters are made of several materials: special filter paper, micro glass fibres or stainless steel meshes. 

We manufacture these filters for the following makes for servicing purposes, among others:  Sabroe, Stal, Mycom, Aerzen, Hafi, GEA, Bitzer, Grasso, York, Frick, Gram.