About our company

Our company AUTOTRIB Tribological Research and Development Ltd. was founded in 1989 from the Tribological Independent Department of the Automotive Research and Development Company with the cooperation of Hungarian filter manufacturers and OMFB. Registered office and establishment: Hungary Budapest, XI. Csóka u. 13. 1115.

Based on the knowledge gained in tribological and screening technology studies, we have undertaken to solve an increasing number of screening problems, including the preparation of filters and filtration equipment. This is how we developed our current production capacity, in addition to which we have maintained and even developed our testing and certification base. Thus, in many cases our developed and manufactured filters can be tested and tested either in a laboratory or in full operating conditions. We have an advantage over most producers in this respect.

Out of the 9 people who were founding, our number increased to over 20.

Currently, the majority of our turnover is generated by proprietal filtration devices.

Since 2002 we have operated a quality management system according to ISO 9001,

Since 2003 we have been a certified supplier of Paks Nuclear Power Plant Co.

Our products include stainless steel filters and filtration equipment for liquid and gas filtration from special non-woven filtration materials with a nominal filtration fineness of 1 micrometer. Filter membranes in ultrafiltration range are currently under development.

We produce water (swimming pool and industrial water), oil, and special hydraulic filters from various materials (polyester, paper, glass). We produce filters for instruments from microglass fibres and various flis, as well as activated chariots. We also make filter housings of any design for metal, activated charién or paper inserts according to the customer’s requirements. Our entirely own development is the micro- and co-essence filter family of fiberglass suitable for filtering compressed air and other gases (e.g. ammonia). Our natural gas filter and separator inserts are made in several sizes mainly for MOL, from 6000 dm3/h to a flow rate range of 80,000 dm3/h.

Our absorption oil filters are mainly used for internal combustion engines. One type of this is our ATM-35 patented filter, with which we are the first suppliers to RÁBA RT. Currently, all D10 engines are released from the factory with this filter.

On the same principle, we produce system cleaning filters for hydraulic systems, which can be used to re-use the life of the oil.

Our proprietal (patented) self-cleaning water filters operate at Mátra Power Plant Rt., Sopron Power Plant and MOL’s 100halombatta oil refinery.

We have developed and manufactured a special protective filter for Paks Nuclear Power Plant Inc. in the Temporary Storage with the approval of an English contractor (GEC Alsthom). We produce a special valve for the same equipment. Ultrafiltration equipment for primary water and de-siltation of waste water are currently under development.